Behind BIRCH-HOLM is Danish Anna S. Birkholm-Falshøj who want to show timeless and delicious products, and thus do away with the consumption trend that has prevailed for many years with “use and throw away”. Her clothes are produced under conditions in Peru, which takes the best possible account of both animal production, people and the environment, and the clothes knitted in fully fashion / No waste knitting method, which means that far less yarn and nothing is cut off and thrown away. Another aspect of the sustainable BIRCH-Holm’s clothing is that many of the parts are multi wear, which means that a single product can have more than one term and is used in several ways, which also helps to make the garment more years of life. The design is also not compromised in any way! BIRCH-HOLM working with the urban look and unconventional draperingsmetoder which gives an understated, functional and Scandinavian minimalist expression.

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