care by me

care by me is a Danish brand that makes slow-fashion and home products in high quality – and even manages to incorporate social responsibility in the production chain.

Their wish for the products is that they are using them you sense the calm, care and happiness as care by me’s products reflect and how the products can help to create a space where you can recharge and be yourself in. Care by me designer only products that they want to own and want to bustling, modern-day fed joy and understated luxury in the form of their designs. At the same time, they work only with the best materials, as products must hold to be used.

A very big part of care by me’s DNA is precisely focused on establishing partners in various developing countries, where local production takes place under proper conditions according to both people and nature. This means creating value in local communities through jobs, where so looking forward to more training in crafts and production methods more inhabitants, which also generates sustainable aspects in terms of environmental, economic conditions and local community social aspect.

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