Ekeko is a Danish brand that combines traditional craftsmanship from Bolivia with Scandinavian simplicity. Their clothing collections are made primarily in alpaca and llama (Andes cashmere), and produced by local, Bolivian women from the capital La Paz. The people behind the Ekeko, Oscar Tau Jensenius and Mads Stampe Lindelöf, has a very personal ties to Bolivia, and is hard on the working conditions and wages is working with manufacturers and partners.

At Ekeko you will find both clothes for men and women as well as various products for your home. Tool materials, alpaca and llama wool, is perfect for our Scandinavian climate, as clothing provides both a natural thermo while superfluous heat shut out.
Many of the carpets in their home collection is handmade and unique produced by different women, so it does not have to find two identical carpets. In addition, they produce different pillows – both to bed and floor cushions for floor – in various designs.


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