Ginger Organic is the first Danish brand that produces 100% organic hygiene products. Behind the brand stands Helena Kristensen, whose mission is to tell and inform women about the benefits of choosing organic when the time of the month comes.

One day nearly five years ago it dawned on Helena that there existed some 100% organic hygiene products on the shelves in Denmark. She began to read about what is in common towels and tampons, and was shocked to read about the large amounts of pesticide residues, glue and whitening agent contained in the products. During its investigations found Helena addition, the majority of female hygiene products are produced from viscose, rayon, cellulose and plastic – not cotton!

Helena took up the matter in hand, and after much research and many meetings took Helena after four years a manufacturer that meets the strict requirements, you are subject to be able to mark its products 100% organic and certified with the Nordic Swan and French ECOCERT.

Hygiene products can among other things be purchased on a subscription, so you monthly get them sent to your door.

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