KENZINA is a Danish brand that produces sustainable accessories for the python, nilvaran and crocodile. Louise behind KENZINA, living with a Senegalese man, and therefore have both lived and traveled extensively in the country where she just fell in love with the material and the story behind. This was the first step taken in 2003 to what would later become KENZINA.
All products are handmade in Senegal, and it takes 10-14 days to produce a single bag. Everything has a CITES certification, which guarantees that the animals used are not endangered and that checks how many skins are exported, so sustainability among animal species maintained.
Although KENZINA not yet certified fair trade so produces and trades the basis of these principles of decent wages and transparency for producers.
Crocodile skins come from an ecological crocodile farm, while nilvaran and python purchased by local hunters, which also guarantee sustainable hunting.
It is almost impossible to slide products, and since it is classic and simple design, it is “friends for life” you get from KENZINA!

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