What we do

At Fair Styles are we doing communications for sustainable fashion, household and beauty products. We are idealists, but realists – we know that it is difficult a process to get its product certified in all stages of production. Therefore, we emphasize that our customers only have at least one sustainable leg to stand on, and at the same time have an eye for all the other aspects of sustainability. The sustainable can include, for example, organic materials, recycled, fair trade, decent working conditions, craftsmanship or a charity aspect.


So let us help you visualize your sustainable product or your story.


We create greater visibility for your brand and give your product story life so you come eye to eye with your audience for example by:

Newsletters – design, development and deployment

Press releases – network in the industry, for example, journalists, stylists, bloggers and sellers
Social media – introduction, startup, consulting and maintenance on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
Image bank – with your products to the press, etc.

Showroom – physical presentation and loans
Contact – to potential partners and customers
Settlement – of events, shows and fairs
Photography work – image images lookbook etc.